Travel Daze

Banff and Lake Louise are all but deserted at this time of the year. It's too cold for most forms of summer recreation and there's no snow yet for skiing and snowboarding. We pulled off the #1 about 7pm Sunday evening and found our way to Tunnel Mountain campground just outside Banff. Leaving Calgary as night fell, our entrance into the mountains was like driving into a black void.

Waking up early I found everything coated with a layer of frost. Sure enough, that black void we drove through had given way to an expansive mountain range. We headed into a sleepy, tourist-less Banff and fueled up with gasoline and coffee. We inhaled some breakfast in Lake Louise and then continued west through the Kicking Horse Pass. Coffee, drive, pee, repeat. On to Rogers Pass where we sprang forward or fell back or whatever it is you're supposed to do with your clocks. One thing I'll miss about Saskatchewan is the lack of daylight savings time!

We hit heavy rain from Revelstoke right up to Armstrong. There was a huge double rainbow that followed us for about a half-hour. The leprechaun is full of beans, there is NO end to a rainbow, it's an optical phenomenon and you'll never find any gold! We pulled into my grandparent's place about 5pm and we're being forced to drink wine, eat tasty food, baking, and mandarin oranges - it's terrible!!


  1. Sounds good so far! I'm jealous of your double rainbow.

  2. YAY a posting! Like I should talk ;) Sounds like things are going fairly well, though you would think that if only one of you is driving you would have shared your view of the double rainbow with us stationary folk. Especially since we don't get to parttake in the tasty food, baking and mandarin oranges. Hope the rest of the trip to the coast goes as well. BIG BIG dk hugs

  3. I should have taken a photo of that rainbow, however, I was too busy wondering why it kept following us.

  4. Hi Guys
    Got your message from Saturday and called on Sunday and again Tuesday. Thought maybe you were having phone problems again.
    I see it is cold there. We are in the throws of winter but supposed to warm up on Friday.
    Hope all is well with you and the dogs. Tammy and all are driving here tonight to do some final stuff for her Grandpa's estate.
    Is the camping going good?
    All of Saskatchewan is getting revved up for Grey Cup. GO RIDERS.Love Dad & Brenda