The Salmon Dance

Our RV park is located a few minutes from Goldstream Provincial Park. We decided to try and catch the tail-end of the salmon run that occurs here every year. We didn't see the teeming hoards of salmon thrashing madly upstream as my minds eye suggested. We did see lots of salmon carcasses littering the stream and it's shores. If bears and predatory birds had raucous frat parties, this is what I imagine the morning after would look like. It was macabre but kind of interesting to see little eddies forming around their hollow eye sockets. Nature, you are simultaneously ruthless and beautiful, not unlike many females I have known over the years.

Patches and Maggie met several of their furry brethren and for the most part responded with minor conniptions. I wonder if they make a canine counterpart to catnip, if so our dogs should be on it. The old growth trees here are amazing, especially when you try to imagine how old they must be and how many generations of people these trees have outlived. Phew, I came close to sounding a nutty tree-hugger in that last sentence, sorry! All in all it was a relaxing and awe-inspiring afternoon (can you put those words together in the same sentence? Is it possible to be in awe of something in a relaxed fashion? We may never know).

In closing, here is a picture of a tree that looks like a bum-hole.


  1. Thanks for sharing this Abigail! It's good to know that you're having a good time and enjoying the scenery. B.C. is a beautiful place,with many different sights. I love the last pic and you're right,the tree does look like a bum hole. Take care and continue having fun. Look forward to your next update. Hugs!

  2. Thanks, but this was Zach's post. :)

  3. Look how happy you are in that picture - YAY! and surprisingly enough, I am NOT surprised that Zach would post a tree bum-hole picture;) Beautiful pics you two! I'm thinking doggie valium NOT doggie catnip;)