That Damn Show

When Zach and I first got settled here on the island, we quickly realized we weren't going to have the money to be going into the city, and going out every night. Gas is expensive yo, and so is booze. We didn't have a TV yet, but luckily we had a bunch of TV series on the computer to watch when we were bored. Neither of us had watched "House" when it started, but we did start watching it last winter from the beginning, and then promptly got busy with other things. Luckily, we still had seasons one through six on the hard drive, and thus began a nightly ritual of cuddling up on the bed with the dogs and watching hours of House before bed.

It didn't take us long to be hooked. Both of us looked forward to House time every night, and we became very invested in the lives of these fictional characters. Seriously, I still feel bad for hating Amber so much. I totally wished they would just kill her off already...and then they did. Yowza.

Other than a couple episodes from this current season, we ended our nightly House ritual when we ran out at the end of Season 6, and we're waiting until we can sit and watch all of Season 7 in order.

I hadn't thought much about our obsession with House until this evening. I was sitting here in bed playing stupid Facebook games, while Zach was working on the other computer, and listening to Radiohead. All of a sudden I felt this huge pang in my chest, and my eyes started to tear, and I felt so freaking sad, in every single cell of my body. I took a minute to compose myself, as I had no idea what was wrong, and then it hit me. It was the song. The song that was used at the beginning of the epic two hour premiere episode of House Season 6.

Apparently I still have some open wounds when it comes to Dr. House and his mental problems, that I may need counselling for.


  1. Also. Amanda Palmer did a cover of it on her ukulele,for her album "Amanda Palmer Performs the Popular Hits of Radiohead on her Magic Ukulele"
    check it out, yo

  2. I feel your pain. I've been abandoned by my friends Sam and Dean (Supernatural) who used to visit every night. Now I'm limited to once a week, if that. More recently though, I miss my new friends Nucky Thompson and Margaret Schroeder after one short season of Boardwalk Empire. sigh.