A Short Tour of Site #28, Malahat Mountain Meadows, British Columbia

This is our new campsite. We like it because we actually feel like we are living in the forest, unlike our other site that didn't have any trees, and was next to somebody's backyard. It's pretty and comfortable, and I can't wait to have people over for campfires...we have had a couple already, but it would be nice to share the fun.

This is the rear of our camper, which is a good place to put things. :) Take note of the dog food, wiener sticks, ladder, wood, and we always have an extra jug of drinking water full, just in case.

The outdoor dining area. Take a look at the ivy Melanie gave us for our wedding! It's doing better outside the camper than it did inside.

We have been living without a television since we sold our 52" flat screen last June, and we were slowly dwindling down our cable long before that. When we wanted to watch a television show, we were just watching it online. When we got the Rocket Hub, we had to kibosh online television watching, due to the amount of bandwidth it used, and sometimes, the internet connection just wasn't fast enough to watch something anyways. Needless to say, we got on just fine without a TV. However, having this little guy that Uncle Bruce dropped off for us has been nice. I get to watch Law & Order every day at 4pm, and it has given us something else to do on those rainy days and nights when you can't be outside and you've read and watched all the internet already.

When the topic of buying a hot plate to use as a stove came up, I visualized a rusty old 70's green and/or yellow piece of crap. But leave it to Zach, he found the sexiest hot plate in town. I love it, and it works well as our stove. Added bonus - no burners to clean! Woot!

The small bar fridge we had been using since we moved in to the camper died on us last month. We ended up having to go only a few days without a fridge though, because Zach found a good deal at Costco, and got us a brand spankin' new one. I guess it's still technically only a bar fridge, but to me, it's huge. We can fit a whole jug of milk in there, and we don't have to buy miniature condiments anymore.

Every evening, we come up with a list of things that need to be done the next day. We don't always get everything done, but we try our best. :) It not only helps to keep us organized, and to know what chores or errands need to be done, but it helps me remember what day of the week it is. When you spend most of your time in the forest, it is really easy to forget what day it is. Especially since the majority of the people we interact with out here don't seem to care what day it is either. It's great if you ask me.

That's it for our tour for today. Hope you enjoyed it. If there is anything else you would like to see, don't hesitate to ask!


  1. FINISH cleaning the toilet? What do you mean finish? Did he just dump in the cleaner and walk away? I thought you didn't even have a toilet? That's it! It's all a facade, and I have caught you in it. You are pants-on-fire liars, and have just been hiding in the South-end of Regina, all the time.

  2. We have a toilet, but not a bathroom. We have not been able to use said toilet in quite a long time. I hope that one day, we will bring it back inside, and we can use it again. And yes, we are in the South end of Regina. I've been spending all my time at Sparky's. :)

  3. I love these little peeks into your camper life!