Doin' the Tourist Thing

Ever since I decided to try and quit smoking, Zach and I have been busier than ever. I think he's trying to help me keep my mind off of the nicotine I heart so much, and it's working for the most part. We have been getting out daily to do tourist-like activities, and have been really enjoying ourselves.

We even went out last night on a ghost walk in downtown Victoria without the dogs. We even got hot chocolates and walked around a bit after our ghost tour before coming home to continue our nightly ritual of watching House before bed. It was wonderful, although Daddy Zach did worry about them most of the evening. I'm guessing this is how parents feel when they get to go out without their offspring.

On top of the historic ghost walk last night, we've checked out Craigdarroch Castle, some new trails around Goldstream and Victoria's small but lovely Chinatown. Zach's Uncle Bruce came for a surprise visit bearing gifts yesterday too...our first visitor!

I still want to smoke 4000 cigarettes all at once, but all the fun we've been having is making it much more bearable. Thanks, Zach. You're the best.


  1. Wow, 4000 cigarettes at once might cure you!

    I love the pups in the corner of the picture watching their pop walk away. Beautiful.

    I love China town in Vic. So pretty.

  2. I'm jealous! It's snow, snow, snow here: http://www.schmutzie.com/phoneography/2010/12/19/a-very-patient-man-who-stands-out-in-the-snow-in-the-dark-be.html

  3. I would just like to brag that it's been 10 days since I have started my journey towards being an ex-smoker.